SoulSista Founder Natashia Iacovelli & her daughter Jamie at the iconic Brighton Beach, Australia.


SoulSista is an online community for like minded women from across the globe to connect, share and support each other whilst celebrating the Sistahood with kindness, compassion and love.

The wisdom and light that is within every female’s energy is encouraged to shine bright in this space of unconditional love for Sistas near and far. It is a resource to comfort, educate, stimulate and inspire. A sacred sanctuary to empower and uplift all women.

Everything we say, do and represent here is with the ‘soul’ purpose to develop and nurture the inner beauty and confidence of every Sista on all levels. Whilst also celebrating the little treasures we love to have and keep close that make us feel feminine and special too.

SoulSista is an assembly of women in an all encompassing environment who share their own treasures of wisdom and knowledge to assist our Sistas to thrive and feel accomplished spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Regardless of age, race, religion or nationality as women although we each consist of a unique blend of qualities and characteristics, often inherently we desire the same things. Our space is to nurture the many diverse compositions to encourage us all to be evolved, connected and fulfilled women.

Through opening up communication lines, writing, reading and sharing we can provide comfort to each other when needed and celebrate successes when we feel proud.

SoulSista is the group. To be a SoulSista is to connect, share, support with compassion, kindness and love. If you feel the attraction to these words then SoulSista is you.


SoulSista Founder Natashia Iacovelli and her daughter Jamie.

Founder & Creator

How often do we release all the deep seeded concerns and desires out loud to the people we know? Hardly ever. We are either too busy, too tired or we may feel that we could be judged or ridiculed for feelings that are real and constant. This judgement can be more from ourselves than from others but it can still create a sense of isolation.

There is a quote that says: “We can never feel more alone than in a crowded room.”


I have found over the years that the people I saw often and in my daily life were the ones I spoke to the least. Yet in my private moments I was seeking counsel and comfort with women that I hardly ever saw.

Some I had not even met in person. This was when I started to notice the difference between simple friendship and true profound connections that seemed somehow timeless. Like an energy of like attracting like these women were not just friends but felt like part of my history, present and future. That our friendship had somehow begun long before we had even met.


Through my travels with work I have cultivated amazing friendships with women. So in tune with each other it’s as if I feel them even when we are thousands of miles away. These women are not just my friends. The heart strings which connect us transcend space and time. These are the women I call my SoulSistas.


 It is my belief that we were friends from lifetimes gone by. That the closeness we feel is so intense that it has been cultivated over many lifetimes together. We have been there for each other in previous lives and previous forms. Perhaps as mother daughter, grandmother and child. These women are my lifeline to sanity. Regardless of what may be happening in my physical world they provide me with the fortitude, wisdom and support that I need to get through anything. Many of them are not here in my daily life but they are by my side in my heart and mind and that’s all I need.


A number of years ago I traveled to visit and spend time with some of my sistas and I was overcome with gratitude and love for what we shared, but also a sadness that I would leave them behind. I wanted to create a space for us to continue to  connect with each other as a group but I also wanted to make this available to other women from all over the world could connect whenever they needed it also.  A place where it didn’t matter if you ever saw them in routine life, or only stopped by when you were really struggling. A safe haven to be made up of women with a likeness of our energies and philosophies. One by one we attracted each other to either give a message or receive one. To either lift up or be held. Some will write , others will read and some will support, regardless of how they communicate our Sistas know it is available 24/7  whenever they need it or how they choose to use it.


Your SoulSista has been created for you (and me ) to seek understanding, love and virtual hugs from women who need not know you personally but know your message and struggles as their own.

The SoulSista treasures are an extension of this community. Our retreats uplift, move and inspire health & wellness in beautiful global locations. Our clothing and jewelry are a culmination of the fabrics, colours, jewellery and words that I love.  I am not a fashion designer, artist or writer but everything that you will find here comes straight from my heart. These treasures of the soul have given me such joy in creating and to share these out to each of you is an even bigger bonus.  When you choose to wear one of these treasures it continues to nurture and cultivate the feeling of always being together and that we should never ever feel alone.  You can take comfort in knowing every women who wears SoulSista is on the same path as you and that in turn connects us all.


SoulSista is me, it is you and it is us. It is yours to share and access whenever you need the understanding of kindred spirit .


I am YOU.  You are ME.  WE are SoulSista.


Worldwide women unite and I give thanks for every one that takes the time to give, share and receive the SS love.


YourSoulSista – Tash xo



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